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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire you?

Yes. Contact me at for a quote on custom work.

What are you currently working on?

A set of wooden 1505 multicell horns and single throats. I'll put a picture on the site as soon as they are done. Contact me if you would like a pair for yourself.

What veneers do you have available?

All work is custom made to fit each client's needs, therefore the veneers I have on hand vary at any given time. Large projects (like desks) often require ordering veneer specifically for that piece.

There are some beautiful examples of a combination of walnut and anigre on the edgars.html page. More photos of specialty woods are coming soon to the site especially in a new section featuring furniture.

I'm constantly on the lookout for beautiful woods. Contact me to see what's in stock in a quantiy that will fit your job.

What are you standing next to on your home page?

That's a monstor sized RCA 2-way horn sound system that could really do great organ music! I don't own them anymore (and miss them) but someday want to build them straight instead of as a w-box. If you need a pair too they would be about $800 each.

Who designed your web site?

That's Linda Kalin, who's riding next to me in the sound bug at the top of this page. The web site is constantly being updated so she decided she deserved a photo.

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